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Student internships provide opportunities for students to gain experience in their field, determine if they have an interest in a particular career, or to earn academic credit through course enrollment. 
An internship is a short-term, supervised professional training or work experience designed to allow students to apply acquired skills and knowledge to practical situations. An internship is usually related to a students major field of study. Internships, depending on if a student is taking it during the Fall, Spring, or Summer semester, may be part-time or full-time with the internship typically lasting between six to twelve weeks. An internship may be either paid or unpaid, on- or off-campus. 
For additional information about internships contact Career Services at  

Internship Registration Instructions

  1. Select an Internship Position: Work with your department faculty and Chelsea Royse, Associate Director of Career Services to explore internship opportunities and select an internship that will match your interest.
  2. Complete the Internship Packet: Internship packets are available in Career Services located in the Business Building room 120.
  3. Include a Syllabus in your Completed Internship Packet: Your supervising faculty should provide you with a syllabus outlining the academic expectation of the internship, including assignments and grading elements. 
  4. Submit the Internship Packet to the Office of the University Registrar: A complete packet includes all documents received in the original packet, all signatures throughout the packet, and a syllabus.
Check your CBU email for any information regarding your internship from the Office of the University Registrar. 

Helpful Hints for Completing Internship Packet

·  Internships must be conducted within the same semester of course enrollment.

·  Enrollment in an internship is part of a students academic load. The standard academic load for undergraduate students is 12-18 units. The maximum course load  is 18 units. 

·  All internships must have a syllabus to guide the learning and provide the student with an understanding of the academic expectations. If a syllabus is not attached to a submitted  registration packet, the internship packet will be returned to the student.

·  The syllabus should indicate the job description, internship goals, assignments, meeting schedule and grading elements. Incomplete syllabi will not be approved and will be returned to the instructor.

·  A Learning Agreement must be completed and included in the packet submitted to the Office of the University Registrar. If a Learning Agreement is not attached, the packet will be returned to the student.

·  Check your CBU email for any information regarding your internship from the Office of the University Registrar. 

Career Services
Yenia Lopez
Grad Assistant - Career Services
Business Building - 120
Phone: (951) 343-5031

Office of the University Registrar
Yeager Center D118
Phone: (951) 343-4566
Fax: (951) 343-4903