Letter Request

Letter Request Fees

Advance payment is required.

$3 (per Letter Request)


Payment must be submitted through Cash Net.


Please add receipt number to Letter Request form before submitting.



To complete and sign this type of form, you must do the following:

  1. Download the form
  2. Open in Adobe Acrobat (free version)
  3. Save it to your computer
  4. Update the fields including signature date
  5. Click on the Signature field
    1. If you have not created a digital signature:
      1. Click ‘Create a new Digital Signature’, then click Continue
      2. Click ‘Save to File’, then click Continue
      3. Complete fields – Name, Email address, then click Continue
      4. Enter a password two times, then click Continue
      5. Click Continue
      6. Enter password that was set previously, then click Sign
      7. Update the saved file
  1. Email the completed form to registrar@calbaptist.edu
(.pdf, 1111K)

Letter Request Information Form

  • All requests must be made by the student and must include his/her personal signature in compliance with federal regulations (Buckley Amendment).
  • A separate request form must be submitted for each third party a Letter Request is being released to.
  • Letter Requests with insufficient information, incomplete questions, may cause a delay in processing.