A Letter Request

What is a Letter Request?
  • A letter request allows the Office of the University Registrar to release your academic information (e.g. degree or enrollment verification) to third parties. Letter requests will not be processed without the signature of the student.
 Students requesting course, grade, grade point average and other information contained on a transcript are encouraged to order a transcript.


  • Advance payment is required.
  • $3.00 per Letter Request
  • Payment can only be accepted through Cash Net at this time.  Please add receipt number to Letter Request form before submitting.

Processing Time

What is the processing time for a Letter Request?

  • The letter request processing time is 3-5 working days. You may be contacted to provide additional information/documentation if needed. Completed requests can only be sent via e-mail at this time.

Online and Professional Studies Students

Online and Professional Studies Students should contact their offices for processing.  They can be reached at 951.343.3921 or opsadvising@calbaptist.edu.