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Data Exhibit Instructions
2008_DataExhibit Instructions (.doc, 774K, Downloaded: 540 times)
2012_Data Exhibit Instructions for Interim Reports (.doc, 210K, Downloaded: 555 times)
Annual Report
2014 WASC Annual Report Recap (.pdf, 204K, Downloaded: 423 times)
Admissions Data Exhibits
2012_DataExhibit 1_Admissions (.doc, 318K, Downloaded: 424 times)
Enrollment Data Exhibits
2014_DataExhibit 2.1 Enrollment by Level (.pdf, 17K, Downloaded: 494 times)
2014_Data Exhibit 2.2 Enrollment by Gender (.pdf, 23K, Downloaded: 399 times)
2014_DataExhibit 2.3 Enrollment by Ethnicity (.pdf, 79K, Downloaded: 435 times)
2014_Data Exhibit 2.5 Enrollment by Status-Location (.pdf, 12K, Downloaded: 404 times)
2014_Degrees Awarded Summary (.pdf, 11K, Downloaded: 414 times)
2011-12 Data Exhibit 3.1 Degrees Granted (.pdf, 85K, Downloaded: 382 times)
2010_DataExhibit 6.1 Undergrad Educ Operations Ratios (.doc, 62K, Downloaded: 375 times)
Retention Rates, Graduation Rates, and Degrees Completed
Retention Rates for First-time Bachelor's Students (.pdf, 198K, Downloaded: 557 times)
Graduation Rates for First-time Full-time Bachelor's Students (.pdf, 199K, Downloaded: 443 times)
Degrees Completed by Program (.pdf, 246K, Downloaded: 642 times)
Financial Aid Data Exhibits
2014 Data Exhibit 2.4 Fin Aid (.pdf, 21K, Downloaded: 421 times)
Faculty / Staff Data Exhibits
2014 Faculty Summary by Status (.pdf, 9K, Downloaded: 393 times)
2014_DataExhibit 4.1 Faculty Composition (.pdf, 30K, Downloaded: 427 times)
2014_Data Exhibit 4.2 Faculty by Academic Unit (.pdf, 38K, Downloaded: 294 times)
2012_DataExhibit 4.3 Staff (.doc, 57K, Downloaded: 409 times)
2010_DataExhibit 4.4 Employee Turnover (.doc, 33K, Downloaded: 366 times)
Finance Data Exhibits
Data Exhibit 5.3 Revenue Sources (.pdf, 26K, Downloaded: 382 times)
Data Exhibit 5.4 Operating Expenditures (.pdf, 86K, Downloaded: 401 times)
Data Exhibit 5.5 Assets and Liabilities (.pdf, 35K, Downloaded: 389 times)
Data Exhibit 5.6 Capital Investments (.pdf, 17K, Downloaded: 390 times)
Data Exhibit 5.7 Endowment (.pdf, 8K, Downloaded: 400 times)
Educational Effectiveness Data Exhibits
Inventory of Education Effectiveness Indicators-Data Exhibit 7.1 (.doc, 180K, Downloaded: 816 times)
Concurrent Accreditations & Key Performance Indicators Exhibits
2013 Data Exhibit 8.1--Concurrent Accreditation and Performance Indicators (.doc, 59K, Downloaded: 433 times)
Information & Computing Resources
2010_DataExhibit5.1_Information Computing Resources (.doc, 49K, Downloaded: 421 times)
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