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Over the course of Summer 2013, CBU will transition its student email from Microsoft Exchange 2010 platform (hosted on campus) to Office365 hosted by Microsoft.
About Office365
Office 365 is a e-mail and collaboration services platform hosted by Microsoft. The service suite includes a 25GB e-mail account and  calendaring similar to what you currently options you have now.  Transitioning student email to Office365 provides students with additional features, enhanced reliability, and a generous storage limit.

About the Upgrade and What to Expect
  Once the notification has been received and a date given for the transition all your mailbox will transition to the Office365.  Your folders, calendar info, etc. will all stay the same.  The look will be very similar to what you have now.  Also please note:
  • You will use your LancerNet Login for Outlook365.
  • Your email address will not change.
  • Change wepage bookmarks to reflect the new login page
  • Mobile Devices that connect to Lancermail will need to be reconfigured (See below)


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
Q: Will my login or email address change?
A: No. You will still use your LancerNet login and password to access Office365, and your email address will remain the same.
Q: What happens to my email when my account is moved to Office365?
A: All of your messages and folders will be moved to Office365.
Q: Will I need to use a different URL/login page?
A: Yes. After the transition, you will login here, and the links on InsideCBU will be updated.
Q: Will I need to reconfigure my SmartPhone/Tablet?
A: Yes. Refer to the Mobile Device Settings below.  
Q: Is there a email client available or just browser-based?
A:  In addition to the web client, Microsoft Outlook and Apple's mail app both work with Office 365.