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Information / Progress

Our new College of Engineering building is envisioned as a 100,000 square foot state of the art facility organized as a three story building and situated in the middle of campus. It will house classrooms, faculty and administrative spaces and a large engineering hall that provides multipurpose space for labs, projects, exhibits, presentations and student collaboration.




This project is in combination with a widening of Adams Street between Briarwood and the 91 freeway.  The signal at Briarwood would provide a main point of access to the CBU campus (similar to the entrance from Magnolia Avenue), and should help with traffic flow and accessibility to campus.


The new 1100 stall, 5 level parking structure is slated to sit adjacent to the brand new Events Center, on the southeast corner of campus.  This should help to alleviate the parking crunch caused by the growth of the campus.



A specific plan is a regulatory tool used by local governments to implement a general plan and guide development in a localized area. While a general plan is the overall guide to manage growth throughout the City, a specific plan is able to focus on the unique characteristics of a special area, such as the California Baptist University campus, by customizing land use regulations for that area. A specific plan is an important and valuable tool to allow the City to work with the neighborhood and stakeholders to create a vital document that reflects a shared vision and values protecting the surrounding neighborhood. A specific plan also helps to remove barriers and encourage compatible development in a defined area.