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Here you will find information regarding your academic records and overall degree plan from the Academic Resource Center, Academic Advising Office and the Office of the Registrar. Please refer to the tabs on the left for the resources and services these offices provide, which include information and help with graduation, degree planning, veterans' benefits, and transfer work.
The Office of the University Registrar maintains the student’s official academic record, assists students with transcripts, letter requests, degree and enrollment verifications, veterans benefits and other requests related to student enrollment. The office also assists students with official evaluations of previous college work, reviews requests for concurrent enrollment and transfer work, reviews academic variances, processes all applications for graduation and posts final degrees.
Please click on the Office of the University Registrar link on the left or here for additional information and forms from the Office of the University Registrar.
Contact the University Registrar's Office:   951.343.4566
                                      Yeager Center D118

Summer 2021 Course Delivery

When CBU’s Summer semester begins in May 2021 traditional undergraduate and graduate courses will be delivered primarily through live/synchronous remote instruction. 

The majority of courses being taught in a traditional classroom setting this Summer are lab-based or experiential in nature.  Please review the attached list of courses that will be taught in a traditional classroom setting to determine if any of your courses are on the list.  This list is continually being updated.  Please check your student schedule regularly for any updates.

Visit the Planning and Preparedness site for more information.

Title Description File type

Courses being offered Summer 2021 in a Face-to-Face format.  All other courses will be delivered in a Live Virtual Synchronized format


Information outlining some significant components of the modes of remote instruction that CBU will utilize this spring.

The Academic Advising Office serves undergraduate and graduate traditional students by providing support through course scheduling, degree planning, academic appeal processing, and maintenance of academic files.
To connect with your advisor, simply click the "Virtual Office Hours" link within your advisor's Find My Advisor page.
 Please click here for additional information from the Academic Advising Office.
Contact Academic Advising:   951.343.4567
                                             When seeking support from the Academic Advising Office, please write from
                                             your Lancermail address, include your student ID and major.
                                             Yeager Center, B146
The Office of Student Success serves students and community members with a wide range of academic services. The center provides students with free one-on-one or group tutoring sessions in multiple subjects and workshops that cover a variety of academic strategies such as note taking, time management skills, and proper citation of papers that follow MLA or APA standards. A computer and study rooms provide students with an environment that promotes learning. Disability accommodations are provided to students with documented disabilities. Such accommodations include but are not limited to note takers, readers, sign language interpreters, a private testing environment, and extended testing time.
Please click here for more information from the OSS.
Contact the OSS:   951.343.4349
                            Lancer Arms 54

California Baptist University is committed to providing a learning, working and living environment that promotes personal integrity, civility and mutual respect in an environment free of discrimination on the basis of sex, which includes all forms of sexual misconduct.

For more information on the CBU Title IX policy, please click here.