Mission Statement

The Facilities & Planning Services office strives:

"To provide an environment conducive to the intellectual and spiritual growth of the students of California Baptist University; at the same time, providing a means for staff and faculty to achieve these goals. The ultimate purpose is to send out CBU graduate students according to the Great Commission." 

Meet The People Behind Facilities
This month we would like to introduce you to:

Jonathan Rogers
General Maintenance Technician I

Description of Duties: Westside housing maintenance. Fix all student work orders and any other issues that may come up.

Did you know: Laughing, having fun, photography and pizza are all causes I support.
What is your FAVORITE TREE on campus? Let us know which tree you love and why – email to facilitiesadmin@calbaptist.edu. We will update our site every month with your pics and quotes on your “FAVORITE TREE”.

My favorite tree at CBU is this big old tree at the colony.  Its historic, its massive, is home to so many wildlife. It is a symbol of the College. CBU may be seeing a hard season,  but like this tree may we stand the test of time .

I am Dhruv. Here, I have attached my favorite tree. I used to sit under this tree after playing volleyball. So, I can say this is my memorable tree in this campus .

Since 2014 CBU has been recognized by Tree Campus USA for being a Greener and Cleaner campus. We would like to THANK YOU for supporting our Arbor Day accomplishments.