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Mission Statement

The Facilities & Planning Services office strives:

"To provide an environment conducive to the intellectual and spiritual growth of the students of California Baptist University; at the same time, providing a means for staff and faculty to achieve these goals. The ultimate purpose is to send out CBU graduate students according to the Great Commission." 

General Information

 Facilities & Planning Services - Administration - Building 37, Suite 200 (first floor)

Located next door to Human Resources at Lancer Palms
8471 Magnolia Avenue, Riverside, CA 92504
Dept Phone: (951) 552-8350
Dept Fax: (951) 354-8502
Director - Facilities & Planning Services: Steve Smith
Assistant Director - Maintenance & Operations - John von Pertz
Assistant Director - Business Administration: Brenda Flores
Department Secretary: Shannon Stewart
Accounting Clerk II:  Margaret Marquez
Facilities & Planning Services - Maintenance & Operations - Building 16
Located behind Mission Hall (Building 15) 
8432 Magnolia Avenue, Riverside, CA  92504
Dept Phone:  (951) 343-4360
Dept Fax:      (951) 354-8502
Facilities Maintenance Manager (Main Campus):  Cornelius Gibson
Housing Maintenance Manager (West):  Chuck Vela
Housing Maintenance Manager (East):  Ryan Shultz
Manager of Landscape & Grounds:  Ed Schmachtenberger
Department Secretary: Samantha Greer
Data Entry Clerk:  Sandra Williamson
Office Hours (Excluding Holidays):
Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Department Office Staff

*  Steve Smith  Director of Facilities & Planning Services
John von Pertz Assistant Director of Maintenance & Operations
*  Brenda Flores  Assistant Director of Business Administration
*  Cornelius Gibson  Facilities Maintenance Manager (Main Campus)
*  Charles "Chuck" Vela  Housing Maintenance Manager (West)
Ryan Shultz  Housing Maintenance Manager (East)
*  Ed Schmachtenberger  Manager, Grounds & Landscaping
*  Mel Mercado  Project Manager
*  Robert Gurrola  Project Manager
*  Steve Bowman  Project Manager
*  Diane Mendez  Manager, Space Utilization and Interior Design
*  Jose Hernandez  Assistant Manager, Access & Security
*  Shannon Stewart  Department Secretary (Administration)
*  Samantha Greer  Department Secretary (Operations)
Margaret Marquez  Accounting Clerk II
*  Kyrie Nicassio Space Utilization and Interior Planning Assistant
Sandra Williamson  Data Entry Clerk

Department Technician Staff

Main Campus

* Carlos "Buddy" Perryman - Fire & Life Safety Specialist
* Clifton Barnes – Maintenance Tech II/Main Campus - Alternate Shift
* Daniel Norton - Facilities Locksmith I/Data Entry
* David DeWitt - Maintenance Tech III/Lead (Campus)
Edward Sousa - HVAC Tech III / Alternate Shift
* Eric Taylor - HVAC Supervisor
* Jim Scheer - Irrigation Technician /Grounds Assistant
* Joel Keller - HVAC II / Alternate Shift
* Jose Gonzalez - Electrician II
* Mario Limon - Maintenance Tech II/Main Campus - Alternate Shift
Robert "Bory" Molina - Plumber/Pipefitter
* Ron Fontenot - Facilities Locksmith II
* Scott Glackin - Foodservice Equipment Technician/Lead
Tim Kiefer - Environmental Health & Safety Coordinator
* Don Trexler - Maintenance Tech III/Housing Lead
* John Lindsey - Maintenance Tech II/Plumber
Octavio Gonzalez - Maintenance Tech II
* Rob Pendleton - Maintenance Tech III/Housing Lead
* Steve Negrete - General Maintenance Technician

Upcoming Projects


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