Mission Statement

The Facilities & Planning Services office strives:

"To provide an environment conducive to the intellectual and spiritual growth of the students of California Baptist University; at the same time, providing a means for staff and faculty to achieve these goals. The ultimate purpose is to send out CBU graduate students according to the Great Commission." 

Meet The People Behind Facilities
This month we would like to introduce you to:

Daniel Norton
Facilities Maintenance Manager

Description of Duties: Plans, oversees, and directs the activities of the main campus maintenance team with utilization of outside contractors engaged in various University maintenance, operations and services projects.

Did you know: This will be my 14th year here at CBU, I started as a General laborer and over the 14 years it has always felt more like ministry than work.
What is your FAVORITE TREE on campus? Let us know which tree you love and why – email to facilitiesadmin@calbaptist.edu. We will update our site every month with your pics and quotes on your “FAVORITE TREE”.

I like this tree for the colors its turns in the springtime.

My favorite tree is this one by UP because it gives nice shade and it is big sometimes squirrels also roam around the tree which I really like it.

Since 2014 CBU has been recognized by Tree Campus USA for being a Greener and Cleaner campus. We would like to THANK YOU for supporting our Arbor Day accomplishments.