California Baptist University recently updated the process for managing emergency contact information.
Please go to the Emergency Contact form to update your emergency contacts.
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Information regarding the Student Health Insurance is located on



All University Card and Name Badge request forms are now located on the University Card Services page (to the left of the screen).


Enjoy the freedoms of a car without owning one.  Simply reserve a car near you, pay by the hour, or even a day, and never worry about hassles of car ownership again.  We now have three vehicles available in the visitors parking lot of the Yeager Center.  Check out for more details!

California Baptist University is committed to providing a learning, working and living environment that promotes personal integrity, civility and mutual respect in an environment free of discrimination on the basis of sex, which includes all forms of sexual misconduct.

For more information on the CBU Title IX policy, please click here.

Chapel Information
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Got a question about Chapel?  Try checking this out for an answer.

Provider Food Service Forms
Title Description File type
Form used to request Meal Plan credit when an approved student program includes catering services supplied by the Provider Food Service Catering Office.  BE SURE TO IMMEDIATELY SAVE THE FORM TO YOUR COMPUTER BEFORE COMPLETING IT!
Form departments use to request To-Go (Boxed) Meals when students cannot eat in the ADC as the result of a University-related commitment.  BE SURE TO IMMEDIATELY SAVE THE FORM TO YOUR COMPUTER BEFORE COMPLETING IT!
Provider Contract Food Service is proud to serve the CaliforniaBaptistUniversity community. As the food service provider for CBU, we hold the exclusive right to provide food service for all organized events on campus via our contract.  In the event that Provider cannot provide services due to a conflict in scheduling or event limitations, Provider is willing to waive the exclusive right for this one time event.  This is the form needed to receive such a waiver.