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CBU seeks to create a habit of sustainability in every aspect of campus life.

Specifically to encourage fuel efficiency and a decrease of greenhouse gas emissions, our campus has multiple parking spaces designed for hybrid or electric vehicles.  We also have vehicle charging stations at the Health Science Campus and 8471 Magnolia (Facilities Administration building) for use by Faculty, Staff and Students.  For more information regarding availability and use protocol for these charging stations, please contact Brenda Flores, F&PS Assistant Director - Business Administration at (951) 343-4303 or



It's no secret that our landscaping is beautifully done.  Did you know that CBU is in the process of turning many key points of campus grass & planter areas into water-wise landscaping?  From succulents to rose bushes, our water-wise plant selection does not sacrifice the aesthetics or beauty.  The palette of plants chosen are native to Riverside's chaparral climate; therefore, they not only require less water but they also need less maintenance or attention to thrive.

Arbor Day!  CBU celebrates Arbor Day twice a year (during the Fall and Spring semesters).  Because of our efforts to plant new trees and properly maintain existing trees, we have been recognized with the title of Tree Campus USA every year since 2014.


The Environmental Science Club has been collecting interesting facts regarding the sustainability efforts of CBU:

Water Savings:

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80% of the front lawn irrigation is provided by two wells on campus that tap into a local groundwater basin.

In many areas, sprinklers have been changed to drip lines.

We have changed over plumbing fixtures on campus to low-flow models.

Multiple areas on campus have bottle fillers instead of water fountains.

Electricity Savings:

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We are in the process of exchanging light fixtures to an LED alternative.

In most campus administrative/classroom buildings, lights and temperature are controlled by sensors.

Lancer Palms (8471 Magnolia - across Magnolia from main campus) is partially powered by solar.

Waste Savings:

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Every common area, office area and administrative area has recycle bins for all recyclable materials (paper, cans, bottles, etc).

Housing areas have recycle bins in their common/gathering spaces.

Every trash enclosure contains a white "recycle" bin.