Government benefits and assistance are available for many students and low-income families. You can use this as a guide on where and how to access these benefits and a road map on the processes. Please use any of the links and resources below to see what you may qualify for that can help ease financial burdens and enable you to access the basic necessities that you need! Many students may not even realize that they are eligible for government assistance, so be sure to explore all of your options. is a great starting point. This website helps you search for benefits at both the state and federal levels, as well as check for local organizations that may be able to assist you as well. This should be your first stop in accessing benefits.


CA Employment Development Department - If you or a family member were recently laid off or had hours reduced, be sure to visit the the state's unemployment portal and file a claim. This website is for CA residents only, so if you reside outside of California make sure you find your state's website to file a claim. Many students and parents don't realize that they may be entitled to unemployment pay, even if their hours were only reduced. If you are disabled and unable to work, this website is also where you will file a claim to receive disability payments. 


Cal Fresh is California's food stamp and food assistance program. This is where you would fill out the application to see if you qualify! This application is a little lengthy, so give yourself enough time to be thorough. The application is worth it, as you may receive additional funds to help buy food and groceries!