Grade Entry

NOTE:  If you access Grade Entry via the Faculty Course Control portlet, click here.

The Grade Entry portlet allows you to assign grades to students in courses for which you are responsible.  If your institution allows you to do so, you can enter midterm and/or final grades and update existing grades for students in your courses.  However, it is possible that you may only be able to view grades for students.

CX Clients:  Surrogate individuals can now enter grades for faculty.  See the Faculty Course Control chapter for details.

CX clients:  For those schools using the grading table feature, grade entry now honors the use of the entry grade from the grading table.  The entry grade is shown to the faculty, and the associated grade from the table is stored with the course work.



The Setup menu is only available if you have permission to access the Can Admin global operation.  It is available from the Default, Main, Update Student Grades, and Current Student Grade List screens.   Be aware that any setting changed is a global change and will affect all users.




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