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Please review the following handouts as Course Evaluations are now all Online!
Evaluate courses in class!! (.pdf, 157K)
Encourage your students to evaluate the course in class!
Course Evaluations: How to view a "recap" summary report (.pdf, 271K)
Want to see a summary report of all courses evaluated? Click on this handout to find out how.
Instructors: How to login to the Online Course Evaluation System (.pdf, 532K)
If you have any questions on sign on, please click to learn how to sign in to the system.
Exporting Reports from SmartEvals (.pdf, 133K)
Want to export a report in XLS, PDF, DOC, msoXML, XML, HTML, or CSV? Click this handout for more information.
How to add a note about the course (.pdf, 257K)
If this is your first time teaching the course OR if someone gives a bad evaluation and you feel an explanation is in order, you are able to write a note! Click to find out how!
How to see who has evaluated the course (.pdf, 229K)
Click to learn how to see which students have completed their evaluations. You will not see what each student has said, only who has completed the evaluation.
Frequently Asked Questions (.pdf, 463K)
All Faculty members are encouraged to review the Frequently Asked Questions.
Ways to Implement Online Course Evaluations (.pdf, 376K)
Look at some suggestions on ways to implement the online course evaluation system (SmartEvals), but other options are possible-be creative!
Course Evaluations: How to access reports (.pdf, 307K)

Three days after the deadline to submit grades to the Registrar, reports are generated and emailed to each instructor.  The report includes the number of responses for each question on the evaluation questionnaire and also tabulates percentages and means for each response category.

Each faculty member is able to access electronically his or her online course evaluations. Department chairs may view all the course evaluations for his or her department, and Deans have access to evaluations for all courses in their college/school. Evaluations may be downloaded in XLS, PDF, DOC, msoXML, XML, HTML, or CSV format.
Course Evaluation Welcome (.pdf, 135K)
Student Course Evaluations provide a constructive, confidential basis for refining instructional strategies and improving courses.
Starting Fall 2012, all course evaluations are now completed online. 
2013-2014 Course Evaluation Results
Fall 2013 Course Evaluation Results (.pdf, 137K)
The results are based upon each School/College. The information is not specific to any instructor. 
Spring 2013 Course Evaluation Results (.pdf, 17K)
Fall 2012 Online Course Evaluation Results (.pdf, 17K)
Course Evaluation Forms
Please see the most current course evaluation forms below:
Course Evaluation Questionnaire (Academic Affairs) (.pdf, 115K)
FA13 NEW Course Evaluation Aviation lab (.pdf, 197K)
FA13 NEW Course Evaluation School of Business (.pdf, 154K)
Online Professional Studies (.pdf, 196K)
School of Music- Private Instruction (.pdf, 136K)
Natural Math and Sciences Lab Evaluation (.pdf, 98K)
School of Nursing- Student Learning Outcome (SLO) BSN Program Evaluation (.pdf, 2282K)
School of Nursing-Clinical Agency Student & Faculty Evaluation (.pdf, 156K)
School of Nursing- Preceptorship End of Program Survey (.pdf, 138K)
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.