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The Freshman Survey (TFS-CIRP) Fall 2015
Fall 2015 Freshman Survey Construct Report (.pdf, 793K)
Fall 2015 Freshman Survey Profile Report (.pdf, 10179K)
Fall 2015 Freshman Survey Theme Report (.pdf, 1493K)
Fall 2015 Freshman Survey Slide Presentation (.pdf, 791K)
National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) Spring 2015 Reports
Administration Summary (Who Took the Survey?) (.pdf, 108K)
Engagement Indicators Report (.pdf, 321K)
High-Impact Practices Report (.pdf, 182K)
Frequencies and Statistical Comparisons Report (.pdf, 413K)
Spring 2015 Snapshot (the best Quick Look) (.pdf, 188K)
Selected Comparison Group Descriptions (.pdf, 188K)
National Study of Learning, Voting, and Engagement (NSLVE)
2014 Student Voting Rates for California Baptist University (.pdf, 258K)
Student Satisfaction Inventory (SSI) Fall 2013
Importance-Satisfaction Percentage Report (.htm, 433K)

This report is for the Important/Very Important and Satisfied/Very Satisfied percentage responses for all 98 Items in the survey and displays the calculated percentages for the California Baptist University (CBU) responses compared to responses for all other surveyed 4-year Private Universities. The far right column shows the positive (or negative) differences between CBU and the other 4-year Private schools.

Item Score Report for All 98 Items (.htm, 433K)

This report is similar to the Percentage Score report above but shows the score comparisons (out of a possible score of 7 as the highest) for the California Baptist University scores compared to the scores compiled for all surveyed 4-year Private Universities.  Scores include student's opinions of Importance and Satisfaction for each item.  Again, the right column shows the calculated positive (or negative) difference between CBU and the other 4-year private institution satisfaction scores.

Student Satisfaction Survey Summary Report (.htm, 433K)

This report displays a view of satisfaction based on three very broad questions and displays the comparison of satisfaction levels between California Baptist University and the other surveyed 4-year private institutions.

The College Senior Survey (CSS-CIRP) Spring 2013
CSS_2013_PDF_CONSTRUCTS.pdf (.pdf, 291K)
CSS_2013_PDF_LONG_CONSTRUCTS.pdf (.pdf, 207K)
CSS_2013_PDF_THEMES.pdf (.pdf, 290K)
CSS_2013_POWERPOINT.pptx (.pptx, 739K)
The Freshman Survey (TFS-CIRP) Fall 2014
Fall 2014 Freshman Survey CONSTRUCT Report (.pdf, 314K)
Fall 2014 Freshman Survey PROFILE Report (.pdf, 8787K)
Fall 2014 Freshman Survey THEME Report (.pdf, 318K)
Fall 2014 Freshman Survey Slide Presentation (.pdf, 829K)
The Freshman Survey (TFS-CIRP) Fall 2013
2013 Freshman Survey CONSTRUCT (.pdf, 275K)
2013 Freshman Survey PROFILE (.pdf, 4068K)
2013 Freshman Survey THEME (.pdf, 333K)
2013 Freshman Survey Slide Presentation (.pptx, 693K)
National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) Reports - 2013
NSSE13 Administration Summary (CBU).pdf (.pdf, 215K)
NSSE13 Snapshot (CBU).pdf (.pdf, 350K)
NSSE13 Engagement Indicators (CBU).pdf (.pdf, 425K)
NSSE13 High-Impact Practices (CBU).pdf (.pdf, 333K)
NSSE13 Selected Comparison Groups (CBU).pdf (.pdf, 563K)
National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)-2011
NSSE 2011 The Student Experience in Brief (.pdf, 241K)
NSSE 2011 Executive Snapshot (.pdf, 180K)
NSSE 2011 Benchmark Comparisons Report (.pdf, 397K)
NSSE 2011 Multi-Year Benchmark Report (.pdf, 211K)
NSSE 2011 Mean and Frequency Reports (.pdf, 1888K)
NSSE 2011 Selected Comparison Groups (.pdf, 136K)
NSSE 2011 Student Comments (.pdf, 264K)
National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) Major Fields Reports-2011
NSSE 2011 Arts and Humanities Report (.pdf, 1157K)
NSSE 2011 Social Sciences Report (.pdf, 1157K)
NSSE 2011 Within Institutional Majors Comparison Report (.pdf, 2087K)
NSSE 2011 Biological Sciences Report (.pdf, 786K)
NSSE 2011 Business Report (.pdf, 1157K)
NSSE 2011 Education Report (.pdf, 1088K)
NSSE 2011 Engineering Report (.pdf, 1086K)
NSSE 2011 Other Professions Report (.pdf, 1129K)
NSSE 2011 Physical Sciences Report (.pdf, 784K)
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