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Higher Education Opportunity Act
HEOA Institutional Disclosures Annual Notice (.pdf, 910K)
HEOA Academic Programs (.pdf, 401K)
HEOA Student Body Diversity Overview (.pdf, 282K)
Fall 2014 Student Body Diversity and Pell Grant Recipients (.pdf, 274K)
Fall 2013 Student Body Diversity and Pell Grant Recipients (.pdf, 274K)
Retention Rates (.pdf, 202K)
Graduation/Completion Rates (.pdf, 207K)
Student Athlete Graduation Rates 2006-07 Cohort (.pdf, 18K)
Student Athlete Graduation Rates 2008-09 Cohort (.pdf, 14K)
Copyright Policies and Sanctions (.pdf, 296K)
HEOA Institutional-Program Accreditation (.pdf, 266K)
HEOA Academic Info-University Registrar (.pdf, 227K)
College Navigator (.pdf, 218K)
HEOA Vaccination Policy (.pdf, 183K)
HEOA Voter Registration Policy (.pdf, 222K)
Misrepresentation Policy (.pdf, 282K)
Contacts for HEOA Information (.pdf, 228K)
CBU Credit Hour Policy HEOA (.pdf, 86K)
Common Data Sets
2017-2018 Common Data Set (.pdf, 606K)
2016-2017 Common Data Set (.pdf, 606K)
2015-2016 Common Data Set (.pdf, 543K)
2014-2015 Common Data Set (.pdf, 553K)
2013-2014 Common Data Set (.pdf, 623K)
2012-2013 Common Data Set (.pdf, 564K)
2011-2012 Common Data Set (.pdf, 685K)
2010-2011 Common Data Set (.pdf, 663K)
2009-2010 Common Data Set (.pdf, 635K)
Student Facts
Fall 2017 Summary (.pdf, 222K)
Fall 2016 Summary (.pdf, 222K)
Fall 2015 Summary (.pdf, 221K)
Fall 2014 Summary (.pdf, 322K)
Fall 2013 Summary (.pdf, 290K)
Fall 2013 One-pg Overview (.pdf, 335K)
Fall 2012 Summary (.pdf, 306K)
Faculty Facts
Fall 2017 Faculty Profile (.pdf, 203K)
Fall 2016 Faculty Profile.pdf (.pdf, 205K)
Fall 2015 Faculty Profile (.pdf, 201K)
Fall 2014 Faculty Profile (.pdf, 203K)
Fall 2014 Faculty Roster (.pdf, 258K)
Fall 2013 Faculty Profile (.pdf, 191K)
Fall 2013 Faculty Roster (.pdf, 250K)
2012-13 Faculty Profile (.pdf, 201K)
IPEDS Data Feedback Reports
2014 IPEDS Comparison Report (.pdf, 871K)
2013 IPEDS Comparison Report (.pdf, 233K)
2012 U.S. Dept of Education IPEDS Data Report (.pdf, 851K)
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