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1)     How do I contact the Information and Technology Service Help Desk?

 Answer:   You can call us at 951-343-4444, send an email to: , or come to our office in the JamesBuilding, room 160.

  2)    What is my username?

  Answer:  The five or six digit student ID number which appears on your on your CBU ID card.

3)    What is my email address?

 Answer: It usually is unless there is a duplicate name in the system. We usually will use the middle initial such as in such an instance. 

4)    How can I change my password?

 Answer: Go to homepage, make sure you are on the “Home tab” and then click on “Password Change” and answer the challenge questions to reset your password.

5)    My name is misspelled (or has changed), how do I go about getting that fixed?

Answer: First contact the Registrar @951-343-4566 to properly notify the University, and then call us @951-343-4444 or via email at for the change to the email account.

6)    Can I forward my CBU email to my outside email address?

Answer: We do not allow forwarding of your CBU email to an another account. We encourage you to check your CBU mail at least weekly by visiting the page. There is also a link from the InsideCBU page.

7)    My mailbox is full, how can I delete them all at once?

 Answer: Make sure you are within your inbox and then press the CTRL & A keys (on your keyboard). This will highlight all your messages. You can then click the delete key or press the black “X” within the mailbox toolbar.

8)    When I log into LancerMail no messages are displayed and it says, “Loading…” where they should be.

 Answer: This happens because of an incompatibility between the AOL (American Online) browser and LancerMail. Try to minimize the AOL browser and use “Internet Explorer” (usually the big blue E on the desktop). 

9)    My internet/phone/cable TV is not working.

 Answer: Contact your RA or RD and inform them of the issue. They will report the issue with IT on your behalf. Do not contact IT directly as they will redirect you to your RA or RD to ensure proper tracking of the issue.