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Culture and Sociology of Orgnztn (LDR730 (DR22))

Term: Summer 2023 (DOCT)


MaryAnn Pearson
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Wed, 7:40 PM - 9:40 PM (5/8/2023 - 8/11/2023) Location: MAIN (BUSB 252 - Virtual Sync Lecture)


This course evaluates the sociological and cultural aspects associated organizational life and one's own personal and professional development. Students will review various theories of sociology informing organizational structures and interactions. Students will evaluate social and group dynamics of creating and maintaining norms, roles and traditions associated with organizational goals and values. Students will be equipped with the insights and skills to build and maintain an organizational culture of high expectations for optimal performance and facilitate positive change. Prerequisite: LDR 721. (4 units; As offered)