Programs, Policies, & Procedures

Flammable Material Storage Cabinets 

All flammable materials (i.e. acetone, aerosols, spray paint) must be placed in an approved metal, flammable storage cabinet.

Fire Extinguisher Accessibility 

A blocked fire extinguisher may inhibit the ability to quickly extinguish a small fire. Under no circumstances should a fire extinguisher cabinet be blocked, preventing access.

Fire Protection Systems 

Blocked fire protection systems (i.e. sprinkler heads, fire/smoke detectors) may inhibit the equipment from properly functioning during a fire emergency. Under no circumstances should fire protection systems be blocked.

Fire Extinguisher Use Guidelines 

Before attempting to extinguish any fire, ensure there is a safe exit path and someone has been directed to activate the alarm and contact CBU's Department of Safety Services at 951.343.4311.


Campus Safety Tips

College students living away from home should take a few minutes to make sure they are living in a fire-safe environment. Educating students on what they can do to stay safe during the school year is important and often overlooked.

Electrical Panel Accessibility

Immediate and unrestricted access to electrical equipment is essential for protecting employees in the workplace.

Please keep a clearance of 36" (3 ') for access.

Extension Cord Safety 

Under no circumstances may a non-surge protected extension cord be used in lieu of permanent wiring; extension cords or surge protectors must never be connected to another extension cord or surge projector.

Improper use of extension cords or surge protectors may result fire.

Laundry Room Maintenance Guidelines 

The area behind washing machines and dryers must be inspected and cleaned at the end of each semester to ensure the area is free from flammable materials.

Failing to keep these areas clean may result fire.