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Evaluation Schedule

Course evaluations are an important aspect of teaching and learning at California Baptist University. Without responsible student input, CBU cannot effectively assess and improve teaching performance and student learning. Students are encouraged to be honest, fair, and constructive as they participate in this important campus process. Students are given the opportunity and expected to complete a course evaluation for each course with six or more students registered.

Faculty can view available reports by logging into    using the same information required to log into InsideCBU. 

Some quick statistics, in FALL 2015:

  • 80% of all available evaluations were completed.
  • 31% of evaluations were submitted with written comments.


Students, please review the Frequently Asked Questions!

Questions? Please contact:

Andrew J. Cress

Institutional Effectiveness Coordinator


Student Handouts
Online Course Evaluations Proof of completion (.pdf, 305K)
Forgot to take a screen shot and tell your professor you have completed your course evaluation? This document helps you understand how to show proof of completion!
Ways to complete Evals! (.pdf, 201K)

Please click on this handout to learn the many ways to complete course evaluations!

Student FAQs (.pdf, 462K)
This FAQs sheet will help answer questions about the differences of the new system. 
Course Evaluation (.pdf, 135K)

Student course evaluations provide a constructive, confidential basis for refining instructional strategies and improving courses.  Starting Fall Semester 2012, all course evaluations are completed online.  

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.