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Welcome!  You are on the page for the Institutional Review Board (IRB) for California Baptist University.  We review all proposals for research with human participants before the research takes place; we exist to ensure that the rights of human participants will be protected if the project is completed as proposed by a researcher.  The information on this page, especially in the handbook documents linked below, will help you understand (1) your role as a researcher in the protection of human participants and (2) how you can demonstrate to the IRB that your proposed research project meets the federal guidelines for ethical research with human participants. 


Note: There is a NEW IRB Handbook. The handbook and the fillable application forms are below.  Changes are effective May 21, 2018, Any application received after May 21, 2018 that does not conform to these procedures will be returned to the researcher for revision.

process memo.png (.jpg, 56K)

Effective May 21, 2018 IRB 2.2 Handbook is live!  One of the major revisions?  The format of the handbook.  We have posted only the single document rather than multiple pages.  For ease of clicking through the document, open the navigation pane in the document. If viewing in your browser you will find the "bookmark" icon on top far right of the document.

The IRB has worked hard to make the documents easy to read and understand; please don’t hesitate to provide feedback on these revisions, including ways we can improve them in the future.  Please take the time to review the new documents and consider attending an IRB Processes Training session. Watch our calendar for dates!




IRB Full Board Review Dates (.jpg, 29K)


Exempt/Expedited applications are reviewed continuously.  During the summer, the IRB will meet as necessary for Full IRB application reviews. Please continue to submit all applications to

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IRB Handbook
IRB Handbook 2.2 (.pdf, 418K)
Failure to conform (.jpg, 40K)

Applications that fail to conform to the standards outlined in these documents will be returned to the researcher for revisions. Please read the application forms carefully, answer each question, and follow all instructions. Please only use the forms provided by the IRB. If you would like assistance or have any questions, please reach out to the IRB at


IRB Fillable Forms
Research Description-Fillable Form (.docx, 28K)
Expedited Review-Fillable Form (.docx, 50K)
Exempt Research-Fillable Form (.docx, 58K)
Full IRB Review-Fillable Form (.docx, 46K)
External IRB Approval-Fillable Form (.docx, 36K)
Study Closure Report-Fillable Form (.docx, 29K)
Unanticipated Risk-Adverse Event-Fillable Form (.docx, 29K)
Continuing Research Renewal Request-Fillable Form (.docx, 31K)
Amendment to Research Protocol-Fillable Form (.docx, 27K)
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Application Instructions
Steps for Submitting an IRB Application (.pdf, 46K)
what's next.png (.png, 17K)

Wonder what happens to your IRB application once you send it to  It is first pre-reviewed for completeness and appropriate formatting.  Once this step has been finished, the application is considered “received” and is reviewed by the IRB.  Different categories of human participant research require review by one, a few, or the full committee.  You can find out more about this process by reading the handbook page “An Introduction to Research with Human Participants at CBU,” “What is the IRB? The Institutional Review Board (IRB),” and “IRB Categories for Human Subject Research.”

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IRB Review Criteria
Do I Require IRB.png (.png, 10K)

Any research that meets the federal definitions of “Human Participant Research” requires IRB approval prior to the research being conducted.  Please review “Human Participant Research: Defined” and “Research Defined” to answer this question.  Revisions to the procedures for course-based research (research that students are required to complete for instructional purposes) are described here

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Please view the full calendar for IRB meeting dates and deadlines for submission of full board applications. 

Erin Smith, Ph.D.
Chair, Institutional Review Board  
Associate Professor of Psychology
W.E. James Building Room 123B
8432 Magnolia Ave, Riverside, CA  92504
All IRB questions and correspondence should be sent to