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Program Review at CBU is an intentional process whereby the faculty in a specific program or major provide a comprehensive appraisal of that particular program or major.  Similar to annual program assessment, program review is required, but only occurs every five years or so.  Reviews include accumulated assessment results plus other pertinent information collected since the last review.  A program review is complete in five phases.
The entire program review process and requirements are set forth in the Academic Program Review Handbook, available below.  
Program Review Handbook, 4th Ed
Program Review Handbook Edition 4 May 17.doc (.doc, 302K)
CBU Rubric for Assessing a Program Review
CBU Rubric for Assessing a Program Review Report (.pdf, 298K)
Administrative Followup FORMS for a Completed Program Review
Appendix A - Report To the Assessment Committee (.doc, 71K)
This form is used at the beginning of Phase Four in a Program Review cycle and contains a brief report from the assigned Liaisons and is submitted to the Assessment Committee for approval.  Please see CBU's Academic Program Review Handbook, Section 2.3. and 2.4.
Appendix B--Program Review Administrative Response Sheet (.doc, 73K)
This follow-up form is used in Phase Four by the Dean of the College or School responsible for the Program Review to provide feedback to the program about their Program Review Report previously submitted to and approved by the Assessment Committee .  Please see CBU's AcademicProgram Review Handbook, Section 2.4.
Appendix C--Program Review Follow-up Progress Report (.doc, 86K)
This form is completed in Phase Five, 18 months following an approved Program Review.  This brief report provides an opportunity for the program to describe the short-term progress made in implementing the recommendations and action steps stated in the Program Review Report.  Please see CBU's Academic Program Review Handbook, section 2.5.
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