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To Change Your Password

First login and then select "Change Password" link above, then follow the prompts to set your new password.

To Change Challenge Questions and Answers

First login and then select "Change Challenge Questions and Answers", choosing two questions and entering your answers.
For extra security, you can enter made up answers to your hint questions. Just remember the answers that you enter; you'll need to enter them if you ever forget your password.


To Reset Your (Forgotten) Password
Select "Forgot My Password" link above and follow the prompts to enter your username, email address and then answer your challenge questions. When prompted, enter your new password and click continue.
*** Please note that this link only shows if you are not logged in. ***
To Change Your (Forgotten) Password Over the Phone
If you can't get to the Helpdesk in person and you haven't set up your hint questions yet, we can reset your password over the phone.

Fax or email a copy of your valid government photo ID or CBU ID card to 951-343-4575 or
  • Include the following statement with your fax or email:
  • I, [insert name], ID# [insert ID#] am requesting assistance with a CBU password reset over the phone. I certify that I am the individual identified in the supplied CBU ID card or government photo ID."
  • Please include a number where we can reach you.
Call the Helpdesk at 951-343-4444 during normal business hours. (We're open Monday - Thursday 8am to 6pm, Friday 8am to 5pm.)

Any personal information that you provide will be not be transmitted to any third parties but will be used to reset your password only. All personal information transmitted by you will be destroyed immediately upon reset of your password.