Welcome!  You are on the page for the Institutional Review Board (IRB) for California Baptist University.  We review all proposals for research with human participants before the research takes place; we exist to ensure that the rights of human participants will be protected if the project is completed as proposed by a researcher.  The information on this page, especially in the handbook documents linked under “Current Handbook”, will help you understand (1) your role as a researcher in the protection of human participants and (2) how you can demonstrate to the IRB that your proposed research project meets the federal guidelines for ethical research with human participants.

Important Note: As of January 10, 20123, all IRB submission forms have been revised. All IRB Applications are required to use the new form. The handbook has likewise been updated in a few places for clarity. Changes to the specific sections of the handbook are documented in the table of contents. Please review the handbook and reach out to the IRB if you have any questions or concerns.

2022 - 2023 IRB Committee Meeting Dates











IRB Review Dates

Exempt/Expedited applications are reviewed continuously. The 2022-2023 IRB Committee established a meeting schedule to review full board applications, posted in the meeting calendar section. Complete applications for full board review must be received two weeks before the meeting to be considered at that meeting; please plan accordingly. Meetings occur once or twice a month, depending on need, throughout the 9-month academic calendar. Full Board Review during the summer months is on an as needed basis. Please continue to submit all applications in the correct format to irb@calbaptist.edu

PLEASE NOTE: Researchers are now required to submit a valid CITI Human Subjects Research (HSR) training certificate. Information on creating an account is available under the “Tutorial for Conducting Research with Human Participants” link (top right).

IRB Commmittee Members

Elizabeth Morris (Active)

Erin Smith (Active)

Thomas Frederick (Active)

Jeffery Gage (Active)

Riste Simnjanovski (Active)

Mark Kling(Active)

Ana Gamez (Active)

Jee Young Noh (Active)

Doreen Ferko (Active) 

Mary Ann Pearson (Active)

Trevor Gillum (Active)

Henry Petersen(Active)

Emma Duncan (Student)

Daniel Boatright (Community)

All IRB questions and correspondence should be sent to IRB@calbaptist.edu