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Serving CBU faculty members by navigating them through the various stages of the Sponsored Program Life Cycle and facilitate the process from beginning to end.

The Office of Research Initiatives ensures that proposals comply with sponsor’s guidelines as well as federal, state, local and university policies prior to submission. 

The mission of the Office of Research Initiatives is to:

  • enhance the environment for research at CBU;
  • encourage and facilitate external funding for faculty and staff projects; and
  • support the University's pursuit of academic excellence and national recognition.

The Office of Research Initiatives provides investigators with guidance and expertise in:

  • Finding funding opportunities and navigating sponsor rules, guidelines and requirements;
  • Planning and designing projects and conceptualizing ideas, goals and outcomes;
  • Setting tasks and work plans;
  • Developing budgets;
  • Drafting narrative summaries and descriptions;
  • Contacting agency Program Officers to ensure projects are in line with sponsor priorities;
  • Complying with approved institutional methods of proposal submission to sponsors;
  • Negotiating award acceptance, including post-submission modifications such as budget modifications, narrative revisions and clarifications