Campus Parking

California Baptist University (CBU) offers an array of parking for staff, students, and faculty. All vehicles, including motorcycles operated on campus must be registered with California Baptist University Department of Safety Services. Drivers are expected to comply with the University traffic and safety regulations; non-compliance may result in the suspension of parking and/or driving privileges on campus.  Compliance with the registration process includes the proper display of a campus parking permit. Issuance of a parking permit does not guarantee availability of a parking space.

Temporary day permits are issued from the Adams and Magnolia Welcome Pavilions. The Department of Safety Services may issue temporary permits needed for an extended period of time. 

The CBU map below allows individuals to plan their trips and view the parking locations. 

The Campus Parking map depicts the assigned permitted parking for staff, students, and faculty.

California Baptist University map

Parking Permits

We are pleased to announce that all CBU Parking Permits are now processed electronically through 
the InsideCBU Parking permit System.
To request a CBU Parking Permit, follow these simple steps.
1.   Log in to “InsideCBU” with your username and password.
2.   Click on the “Safety Services” tab at the top right.
3.   Click on the Vehicle Permit Request icon.
4.   If your vehicle is already registered:
      a.   Check the “Select” box next to your vehicle.
      b.   Select the Permit Year
      c.   Select the Permit Type
      d.   Click “Complete Permit Request”
5.   If your vehicle is not registered:
      a.   Scroll down to “Add a Vehicle”.
      b.   Complete all areas with an asterisk (*)
      c.   Click “Next”
      d.   The screen appears “To Request a Permit”.
      e.   Follow the instructions in step 4.
Staff/faculty permits are mailed to their respective departments.
Residents (students living in campus dorms/housing), are able to pick up their permits from the campus post office box.
Commuters can pick up their permits from Lancer Arms 43.
Department of Safety Services hours are Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM.
Department of Safety Services