Summer 2024 Parking Permit Information


Current Students from 2023/2024 academic year that had a 23/24 parking permit:

     No need to get a new permit for summer, your 23/24 permit is still valid through 8/31/2024.


Students attending CBU for first time and are enrolled in summer classes only:

     Please register for a summer only parking permit at the link below:

Parking Permits (2024-2025 Academic Year)

No stickers required - Your license plate is your permit

Check the parking map to make sure you park in the correct areas.


Residential Students living on campus:  Students attending CBU in the Fall 2024/2025 can register for their parking permit once you have registered for classes and after your housing unit is assigned.

Commuter Students:  You may register once you are registered for classes.  


Vehicle Registration Link

Student, Faculty, and Staff vehicles operated on the campus of California Baptist University must be registered with the Department of Safety Services.

  • Vehicles are registered by license plate.
  • Physical permits (stickers) are not issued.
  • Per University policy, vehicles must be registered within forty-eight (48) hours of first appearance on campus. See Student Handbook, Section 31 for CBU Vehicle Code.
  • CBU does not charged a separate parking fee.


Student Parking Permits

The Department of Safety Services issues students three (3) distinct types of permits. Assignment of parking locations is determined by place of residence and academic classification.

  • Residential Student – This permit is issued to students who live on campus and parking areas are based on housing assignment.
  • Commuter Freshman – This permit is issued to incoming freshman (new students) who have completed 29 or fewer semester units.
  • Commuter Sophomore+ – This permit is issued to returning freshman and students who have completed 30 or more semester units (sophomores, juniors, seniors, graduate students, and online students). 

To create an account and register for a vehicle permit, Click Here.


Solely creating your account does not register your vehicle for a permit. Steps for registering your vehicle are as follows:

  1. Create account.
  2. Receive email confirmation.
  3. Select “View Your Permits” then click “Register for New Permit.”
  4. Select the appropriate permit based on your assigned housing and academic classification and click the “Register” link.
  5. Input information and save.


Pay or Appeal a Citation

To pay or appeal a citation, click on this link, click on "Search Ticket", enter ticket number, select Pay or Appeal.


Faculty and Staff Parking Permits

Assignment of parking locations is determined by employee status (Faculty/Staff) and location of work assignment (i.e. office, department).

  • Vehicle information for faculty and staff who registered for a CBU parking permit prior to May 30, 2023 was imported into the new parking permit system.
  • Faculty and staff (both first-time registrants and those whose information was imported) are encouraged to create a parking permit account, as doing so allows the user to view permits, update vehicle information, etc. To create an account, Click Here.


Parking Management FAQ

Need to change your license plate on your permit?  Click here for instructions.


Campus Parking Map

The Campus Parking map depicts the assigned permitted parking for staff, students, and faculty.

California Baptist University (CBU) offers an array of parking for staff, students, and faculty. All vehicles, including motorcycles operated on campus must be registered with California Baptist University Department of Safety Services. Drivers are expected to comply with the University traffic and safety regulations; non-compliance may result in the suspension of parking and/or driving privileges on campus.  Issuance of a parking permit does not guarantee availability of a parking space.

The Department of Safety Services may issue temporary permits needed for an extended period of time. 

The CBU map below allows individuals to keyword search locations on our campus.

To view the Inside CBU campus map click below:

California Baptist University map