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Contact Information
Phone:      (951) 343-4567
Fax:          (951) 343-4650

Email:       advising@calbaptist.edu

8432 Magnolia Avenue

                 Riverside , CA 92504 

The Academic Advising Office is located on the first floor of the
Yeager Center in Room B146.


Fall/Spring Office Hours
Monday – Friday:
8:00 am to 5:00 pm

 Helpful academic advising resources can be found at the following


Jeffrey Tennis

Director of Academic Advising

Julie Jones

Associate Director of Academic Advising

Kristina Gibeault

Assistant Director of Academic Advising, Special Populations

Samantha Naple

Assistant Director of Academic Advising, Curriculum & Resources

Michelle Murray

Assistant Director of Academic Advising, Events

Andrew Howell

Academic Advisor/Technology Coordinator

Robert Santana

Academic Advisor

Nate Miguel

Academic Advisor

Bethany Ho

Academic Advisor

Erin Wellington

Academic Advisor

Manuela Juan-Tomas

Academic Advisor

Star Wildes

Academic Advisor

Hannah Torres

Academic Advisor

Carmela Russell

Administrative Secretary

Judy Frazier