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Fostering a culture that is student-centric, staff-focused, and mission-driven by capitalizing on the strengths of each individual and exploring the most effective avenues for efficiently serving others.
The Office of the University Registrar maintains, stores and protects the confidentiality of student academic records; provides the university community with academic information and support services; monitors the implementation of and adherence of university academic policy; and complies with all federal and state regulations.

The office staff provides administrative support and services for students, faculty and administrators. These services include, but are not limited to, enrollment and program of study reports, preparation of the university catalog, evaluation of transfer work, guidance in degree requirements, web registration support, preparation of course schedules, management of classroom utilization, processing of academic records, and preparation of transcripts and diplomas.
Rich Simpson, Ed.D.  University Registrar

Lorene Armstrong   Associate Registrar
Chris Dahlgren   Assistant Registrar for Course and Records
Joel Mead   Assistant Registrar for Support Services
Kevin Pawley  Assistant Registrar for Transcripts and Records
Laurie Livingston   Administrative Assistant
Emmanuel Castro    Degree & Records Analyst
Heidi Wilson  Degree & Records Analyst
Lisa Schell   Transcript & Records Analyst
Christine Longenecker   Transcript & Records Analyst
Jessica Reyes  Transcript & Records Analyst
Stephanie Arjona  Transcript & Records Analyst
Amber Shelberg  Transcript & Records Analyst
Candyce McCloud  Transcript & Records Generalist 
Aliyah Pena  Transcript & Records Generalist 
Anna Huang  Data Technician for Course and Records Maintenance
Kelly Shephard   Data Technician for Course and Records Maintenance 
Matthew Ford  Academic Records Coordinator for Athletics
Brenda Perez-Cordero  Project Research Generalist
Audra Jones Data Technician for Customer Support
Rhonda Moll   Associate Registrar for Online and Professional Studies
Amber Andrade  Assistant Registrar of Transcript and Records 
Adam Martinez Assistant Registrar of Program Administration for OPS
Gail Hanson   Program & Records Analyst
Jennifer Heyen   Transcript & Records Analyst
Elizabeth Kaewpalug Transcript & Records Generalist
Vacant  Receptionist
Contact Information
Phone:    951.343.4566
Fax:        951.343.4903
Address: 8432 Magnolia Avenue
                 Riverside, CA 92504



The Office of the University Registrar is located in Yeager Center D118.


Office Hours
Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm