Address Changes

It is frequently a matter of great importance for the University to be able to locate students quickly. For this reason students are asked to file a Change of Address form with the Office of the University Registrar promptly upon a change of permanent address. Failure to receive University notices because of an incorrect or outdated address provided by the student will not relieve the student of responsibility for the information provided.
To use your campus box as a permanent address you must be an independent student as defined by financial aid regulations AND live on campus 12 months out of the year.
Please be advised the CBU form will not change your address information with Payroll, Human Resources or the United States Postal Service.

Student Information Change Form

To complete and sign form:
  1. Download form, open in Adobe Acrobat (free) & save
  2. Update fields
  3. Click on Signature field
    1. If no digital signature:
      1. Click Create a new Digital Signature, then Continue
      2. Click Save to File, then Continue
      3. Complete fields, then Continue
      4. Enter a password two times, then Continue
      5. Click Continue
      6. Enter password that was set previously, then Sign
      7. Update the saved file

Email the completed form to

Please be advised that name changes require a copy of your marriage license, driver's license or other legal documentation.
The CBU Student Information Change Form is used only for the purpose of keeping functional offices at California Baptist University up to date on address information. It is the student's responsibility to inform outside agencies of address and telephone number changes.
Click on the following link for change of address information at the United States Postal Service.