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Accounting.pdf (.pdf, 219K)
Anthropology - Cultural Anthropology.pdf (.pdf, 217K)
Anthropology - Psychological Anthropology.pdf (.pdf, 217K)
Applied Statistical Analysis - Biostatistics.pdf (.pdf, 218K)
Applied Statistical Analysis - Chemical Analysis.pdf (.pdf, 219K)
Applied Statistical Analysis - Public Health.pdf (.pdf, 219K)
Applied Statistics - Global Development.pdf (.pdf, 224K)
Applied Statistics - Quantitative Business Modeling.pdf (.pdf, 218K)
Applied Theology.pdf (.pdf, 226K)
Architecture.pdf (.pdf, 267K)
Aviation Flight.pdf (.pdf, 221K)
Aviation Management.pdf (.pdf, 218K)
Behavioral Science.pdf (.pdf, 223K)
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology.pdf (.pdf, 222K)
Biology - Environmental Science (CHE102).pdf (.pdf, 221K)
For students needing CHE102
Biology - Environmental Science (CHE115).pdf (.pdf, 221K)
For students not needing CHE102
Biology - General Biology (CHE102).pdf (.pdf, 220K)
For students needing CHE102
Biology - General Biology (CHE115).pdf (.pdf, 221K)
For students not needing CHE102
Biology - Pre-Medical (CHE102).pdf (.pdf, 222K)
For students needing CHE102
Biology - Pre-Medical (CHE115).pdf (.pdf, 216K)
For students not needing CHE102
Biology - Secondary Biology Education (CHE102).pdf (.pdf, 222K)
For students needing CHE102
Biology - Secondary Biology Education (CHE115).pdf (.pdf, 222K)
For students not needing CHE102
Business Administration - Entrepreneurship.pdf (.pdf, 197K)
Business Administration - International Business.pdf (.pdf, 196K)
Business Administration - Management.pdf (.pdf, 195K)
Business Administration - Social Entrepreneurship.pdf (.pdf, 197K)
Chemistry - Advanced Studies in Chemistry.pdf (.pdf, 219K)
Chemistry - Environmental Science.pdf (.pdf, 218K)
Chemistry - Pre-Medical Chemistry.pdf (.pdf, 218K)
Chemistry - Secondary Chemistry Education.pdf (.pdf, 218K)
Christian Behavioral Science.pdf (.pdf, 216K)
Christian Studies - Apologetics.pdf (.pdf, 217K)
Christian Studies - Bible & Theology.pdf (.pdf, 222K)
Christian Studies - Biblical Languages.pdf (.pdf, 216K)
Christian Studies - Christian Ministry.pdf (.pdf, 216K)
Christian Studies - Faith and Culture.pdf (.pdf, 216K)
Christian Studies - Focus Leadership.pdf (.pdf, 221K)
Christian Studies - Global Justice.pdf (.pdf, 211K)
Christian Studies - Pastoral Leadership.pdf (.pdf, 223K)
Christian Studies - Theology & Church History.pdf (.pdf, 222K)
Christian Studies - Theology & Philosophy.pdf (.pdf, 217K)
Christian Studies - Youth Ministry.pdf (.pdf, 218K)
Clinical Health Science.pdf (.pdf, 176K)
Communication Disorders.pdf (.pdf, 325K)
Communication Studies.pdf (.pdf, 323K)
Construction Management.pdf (.pdf, 224K)
Criminal Justice.pdf (.pdf, 321K)
Early Childhood Studies.pdf (.pdf, 323K)
Engineering GE.pdf (.pdf, 172K)
English.pdf (.pdf, 323K)
Environmental Science.pdf (.pdf, 220K)
Exercise Science.pdf (.pdf, 326K)
Film Studies - Film Analysis.pdf (.pdf, 327K)
Film Studies - Film Production LAFSC.pdf (.pdf, 217K)
Film Studies - Film Production.pdf (.pdf, 218K)
Film Studies - Screenwriting.pdf (.pdf, 323K)
Foundational Mathematics (MAT343 & 443).pdf (.pdf, 205K)
For students taking MAT343 and MAT443
Foundational Mathematics (PHY214 & 224).pdf (.pdf, 205K)
For students taking PHY214 and PHY224
Global Community Science.pdf (.pdf, 328K)
Graphic Design & Digital Media - Graphic Design.pdf (.pdf, 222K)
Graphic Design & Digital Media - Mobile Design.pdf (.pdf, 216K)
Graphic Design & Digital Media - Photography.pdf (.pdf, 217K)
Graphic Design & Digital Media - Video & Animation.pdf (.pdf, 223K)
Graphic Design & Digital Media - Web Design.pdf (.pdf, 217K)
Health Education.pdf (.pdf, 220K)
Health Science - General Studies.pdf (.pdf, 220K)
Health Science - Gerontology.pdf (.pdf, 222K)
Health Science - Pre-Dental.pdf (.pdf, 220K)
Health Science - Pre-Medicine.pdf (.pdf, 221K)
Health Science - Pre-Optometry.pdf (.pdf, 222K)
Health Science - Pre-Pharmacy.pdf (.pdf, 221K)
Health Science - Pre-Physician Assistant.pdf (.pdf, 221K)
Health Science - Public Health.pdf (.pdf, 221K)
Healthcare Administration.pdf (.pdf, 223K)
History.pdf (.pdf, 327K)
Intercultural Studies - Global Justice.pdf (.pdf, 221K)
Intercultural Studies - Global Ministries.pdf (.pdf, 220K)
Intercultural Studies - TESOL.pdf (.pdf, 220K)
International Health.pdf (.pdf, 226K)
International Studies - Global Ministry.pdf (.pdf, 220K)
International Studies - International Business.pdf (.pdf, 220K)
International Studies - International Relations.pdf (.pdf, 219K)
Journalism & New Media - Broadcast Journalism.pdf (.pdf, 218K)
Journalism & New Media - Global Journalism.pdf (.pdf, 218K)
Journalism & New Media - Media Journalism.pdf (.pdf, 218K)
Journalism & New Media - Public Relations.pdf (.pdf, 218K)
Journalism & New Media - Sports Journalism.pdf (.pdf, 218K)
Journalism & New Media - Writing & Publishing.pdf (.pdf, 218K)
Kinesiology - Physical Education.pdf (.pdf, 217K)
Kinesiology - Sports Medicine.pdf (.pdf, 216K)
Marketing.pdf (.pdf, 197K)
Mathematics - Advanced Studies in Mathematics.pdf (.pdf, 223K)
Mathematics - General Studies in Mathematics.pdf (.pdf, 215K)
Mathematics - Secondary Mathematics Education.pdf (.pdf, 218K)
Music GE.pdf (.pdf, 159K)
Music Handbook.pdf (.pdf, 338K)
Nursing.pdf (.pdf, 28K)
Nutrition & Food Sciences - Food Science & Management.pdf (.pdf, 233K)
Nutrition & Food Sciences - Nutrition Science.pdf (.pdf, 227K)
Philosophy.pdf (.pdf, 223K)
Photography - Commercial Photography.pdf (.pdf, 217K)
Photography - Fine Art Photography.pdf (.pdf, 216K)
Political Science - American Institutions & Processes.pdf (.pdf, 324K)
Political Science - International Relations.pdf (.pdf, 324K)
Political Science - Political Philosophy.pdf (.pdf, 324K)
Political Science - Pre-Law.pdf (.pdf, 330K)
Political Science - Public Administration.pdf (.pdf, 324K)
Pre-Nursing Registration Companion.pdf (.pdf, 428K)
Psychology.pdf (.pdf, 215K)
Public Relations.pdf (.pdf, 220K)
Sociology.pdf (.pdf, 222K)
Spanish.pdf (.pdf, 218K)
Theatre - Design & Technical Theatre.pdf (.pdf, 223K)
Theatre - Performance.pdf (.pdf, 229K)
Visual Arts.pdf (.pdf, 218K)
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