If you are having issues accepting your Financial Aid, you might be selected for verification and/or missing documents.  That will prevent you from being able to accept your aid.  Please do not contact I.T. about this issue.  If you have any questions, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 951-343-4236 or email at finaid@calbaptist.edu


To view your College Financing Plan, click here

The College Financing Plan is not meant to replace your understanding of awarded financial aid, eligibility requirements, and overall costs you will encounter. The US Department of Education created this form to assist families in making an informed decision about how to pay for college, however, it does not include any estimates on personal expenses or fees that may be course specific (i.e. lab fees, art supplies, theater fees, etc). We encourage you to use this information alongside the many resources available throughout CBU’s Financial Aid website as you prepare for the expense of college. The plan does not replace the Financial Aid Offer that CBU provides.