Welcome to California Baptist University! The Financial Aid office is ready to help you with everything that you need to get started. On this page you will find instructional videos, links to important pages, bookmarks to save, and helpful documents. Immediately below, you will find links to set up an appointment with your counselor. Our Financial Aid Advisors are equipped to handle most questions. They are extremely knowledgeable and are able to assist most students and parents every day during office hours. If you would like additional help regarding your offer, however, you are welcome to set an appointment with your counselor for a later date through either a phone call or virtual meeting.



Need help completing your FAFSA? Schedule a meeting with a Financial Aid Technician for the assistance you need!

For current issues with the 2024-25 FAFSA, please click here

FAFSA Appointment with Brooke Gorman

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FAFSA Appointment with Shayda Hernandez

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FAFSA Appointment (Spanish Speaking)

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 Video chat and screen sharing will be available. Please login to studentaid.gov prior to your appointment.

We understand that some of our students may be experiencing a financial hardship. In certain situations, we can make adjustments to your FAFSA to better reflect you or your parents' current financial situation. If you or your parents have suffered a financial hardship (job loss, loss of hours/income, extensive medical expenses, death in the family, private school tuition, or another extenuating circumstance) you are encouraged to complete the Special Circumstance Petition Request Form. Once the form is filled out, we will review your information to see if you qualify.


If you have been selected for verification through the FAFSA, you will need to submit your documents in our Student Forms portal. Once you have logged into this portal, you will be able to see what forms you need to complete, the documents to submit, and where you can upload them. Please click the link below to complete your verification!


Important Links

This website is where you find, view, and complete everything needed for federal aid. On this website you complete your FAFSA every year, you will complete your loan documents, your parent can apply for a Parent Plus loan, and you can view your loan and grant usage (among many other things).

InsideCBU is the website you will use for most all things at CBU. This website gives you access to Academic Advising, Student Accounts, Financial Aid, University Card Services, and several other offices. You may be using this website very frequently, so it is a good idea to bookmark the page for easier access. 

This webpage is a collection of outside scholarships that students can apply for. You can access this page using your InsideCBU login information. Please apply to as many scholarships you can, checking back often for additional opportunities.

This website is where you will complete all documents needed for the Cal Grant. You will create an account, submit documents, and be able to monitor your Cal Grant status.

After your Financial Aid Offer has been created, you may see that you have a remaining balance to be covered. Your options for bridging this gap are additional outside scholarships and loans. We strongly encourage you to visit CBU's Scholarship Universe. This platform is a collection of scholarships that students can apply for to get additional aid. We also have a helpful loan information page here on InsideCBU, which provides information on both private loans and Parent PLUS loans as well as links to apply for both. Please use the links below to access these pages!


Below you will find instructional videos on how to view and accept your financial aid, complete and submit verification documents, and complete your loan documents (Master Promissory Note and Entrance Counseling).