Credential Program vs Master's Program Financial Aid


1)    Post Bachelor’s Degree students and Non-Master’s degree students who only want the credential and do not want to be enrolled in the Master’s Program:

  • Receive undergraduate level loans up to: $5,500 subsidized and $7,000 unsubsidized (depending on eligibility)
  • Parent PLUS Loan (eligibility based students dependency status and credit decision)
  • Pell Grant (only for those going through an initial credential)
  • Cal Grant for Teaching Credential (must have received CAL Grant as an undergrad)

2)    Master’s Degree students in a graduate program with or without Teaching Certification:

  • Unsubsidized loans: $20,500 unsubsidized loan/year
  • Grad PLUS Loan (eligibility based on credit check)
  • CAL Grant (if you qualify)