Federal regulations require CBU to apply standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). This is enforced to ensure a financial aid recipient's progress toward graduation. Students who fail to meet these requirements become ineligible to receive financial aid until they are in compliance with these requirements:
Undergraduate Students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0.
Graduate Students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0.
All students must complete 67% of enrolled units.
All students must complete their degree before 150% of the published program length.
All students' records (traditional, online, and graduate) are measured at the end of the Spring semester. If a student does not meet SAP requirements, these are the possible outcomes:
Financial Aid Suspension: The student will no longer be eligible for financial aid. Students have the right to appeal, but aid will be terminated until the student submits a complete appeal and it is approved. SAP appeals can also be denied, at which point the financial aid will remain terminated. The student will receive their SAP appeal decision (approved or denied) via Lancermail.
Financial Aid Probation: The student will be put on Financial Aid Probation when their SAP appeal is approved. The student will regain their financial aid eligibility for one more semester and student must pass SAP requirements to maintain aid for subsequent semesters. If the student does not meet SAP requirements again, their future aid will be terminated. Student can appeal again.