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Student internships provide opportunities for students to gain experience in their field, determine if they have an interest in a particular career, or to earn academic credit through course enrollment. 
An internship is a short-term, supervised professional training or work experience designed to allow students to apply acquired skills and knowledge to practical situations. An internship is usually related to a students major field of study. Internships, depending on if a student is taking it during the Fall, Spring, or Summer semester, may be part-time or full-time with the internship typically lasting between six to twelve weeks. An internship may be either paid or unpaid, on- or off-campus. 
For additional information about internships contact Career Services at  


Internship Registration Instructions

  1. Select an Internship Position: Work with your department faculty and Career Center Staff to explore internship opportunities and select an internship that will match your interest.
  2. Complete the Internship Packet: Internship packets are available in Career Services located in the Business Building room 120.
  3. Include a Syllabus in your Completed Internship Packet: Your supervising faculty should provide you with a syllabus outlining the academic expectation of the internship, including assignments and grading elements. 
  4. Submit the Internship Packet to the Office of the University Registrar: A complete packet includes all documents received in the original packet, all signatures throughout the packet, and a syllabus.
Check your CBU email for any information regarding your internship from the Office of the University Registrar. 

Helpful Hints for Completing Internship Packet

·  Internships must be conducted within the same semester of course enrollment.

·  Enrollment in an internship is part of a students academic load. The standard academic load for undergraduate students is 12-18 units. The maximum course load  is 18 units. 

·  All internships must have a syllabus to guide the learning and provide the student with an understanding of the academic expectations. If a syllabus is not attached to a submitted  registration packet, the internship packet will be returned to the student.

·  The syllabus should indicate the job description, internship goals, assignments, meeting schedule and grading elements. Incomplete syllabi will not be approved and will be returned to the instructor.

·  A Learning Agreement must be completed and included in the packet submitted to the Office of the University Registrar. If a Learning Agreement is not attached, the packet will be returned to the student.

·  Check your CBU email for any information regarding your internship from the Office of the University Registrar. 

Career Services
Jamie Jillson
Administrative Assistant
Business Building - 120
Phone: (951) 343-5031

Office of the University Registrar
Yeager Center D118
Phone: (951) 343-4566
Fax: (951) 343-4903