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Complete official withdraw from the University and semester is permitted through the last day of the final examination period and is permitted only if a course has not already been completed. Students requesting full official withdraw from the University and semester must complete a Petition to Withdraw form available in the Office of Enrollment Services (Yeager Center B142 Lobby, 951-343-4212).  Complete withdraw from the semester can not be completed through InsideCBU.
To complete the official withdraw process the student must also initiate enrollment changes in the Office off the University Registrar, complete the Exit Interview process through the Financial Aid Office and reconcile any account balance in the Student Accounts Office. Failure to comply with these regulations will result in failing grades being entered on the student’s permanent record, and dismissal will be recorded as unofficial.

Ceasing to attend does not constitute an official withdraw from a course or from the University. However, ceasing to attend all courses may result in Return to Title IV (financial Aid) processing as required per federal regulations.

Refer to the Financial Aid and Student Account sections in the catalog for additional information regarding the effects of completing an official withdraw and the effects of ceasing to attend without providing official notification to the University according to the official withdraw process. (University Catalog)