A letter request allows the Office of the University Registrar to release your academic information that is unique and not related to an enrollment or degree verification to 3rd parties. Letter requests will not be processed without the signature of the student.
To obtain an enrollment and degree verification please click here.
To obtain course, grade, and grade point average information order a transcript.
Processing time for letter requests is 3-5 business days. You may be contacted to provide additional information/documentation if needed. Completed requests can only be sent via e-mail at this time.
Online and Professional Studies Students should contact their One-Stop Student Advisor at 951.343.3921 or

Forms can be completed and signed digitally by doing the following:

  1. Open in Adobe Acrobat (not browser)
  2. Save to computer
  3. Complete form
  4. Click on the Signature field
    1. If you have not created a digital signature, follow the instructional prompts to do so.
    2. If you have a digital signature on your computer:
      1. Enter the password that was set previously, then click Sign
      2. Update the saved file
  1. Email the completed form to