Rich Simpson   University Registrar

Lorene Armstrong   Associate Registrar
Chris Dahlgren   Assistant Registrar for Course and Records
Joel Mead   Assistant Registrar for Support Services
Laurie Livingston   Administrative Assistant
Jessica Reyes   Degree & Records Analyst
Emmanuel Castro    Degree & Records Analyst
Kevin Pawley   Transcript & Records Analyst
Candyce Mc Cloud   Transcript & Records Generalist 
Anna Huang  Data Technician for Course and Records Maintenance
Kelly Grady   Data Technician for Course and Records Maintenance 
Alexis Borroto  Academic Records Coordinator for Athletics
Natalie Lavygina Transcript & Records Analyst
Rebecca Locke  Receptionist
Lisa Schell   Transcript & Records Analyst
Vacant  Project Research Coordinator
Audra Jones Data Technician for Customer Support
Rhonda Moll   Associate Registrar for Online and Professional Studies
Amber Andrade  Assistant Registrar of Transcript and Records 
Adam Martinez Assistant Registrar of Program Administration for OPS
Gail Hanson   Program & Records Analyst
Jennifer Heyen   Transcript & Records Analyst