You will receive a graduation evaluation and a candidacy letter sent to your LancerMail Account or the email address listed on your application if you are not a current CBU student.
If you have questions about your evaluation or if you were denied candidacy, please contact the Degree and Records Analyst who completed the evaluation. Their number and email address can be found at the bottom of your graduation evaluation and on your candidacy letter.
Failure to complete degree requirements by the designated posting date may require re-application and an additional fee will be assessed. (University Catalog)

Graduation Ceremony


Closer to the graduation date, you will receive additional information from the Office of University Commencements. The exit process is completed on line through the commencement website. Information about the commencement ceremony and the exit process can be found online at


Commencement Participation:

Students participate in the Commencement related to their expected degree posting date as approved through the graduation application process.