Q: When should I apply for graduation?
A: The sooner the better! You will want to apply for the posting date you will have all requirements completed by. You should apply for graduation as soon as possible once the application for your posting date is available. 
Q: I'm not participating in the ceremony, do I still need to apply?
A: YES! You are applying to post your degree. In order to pick up your diploma you must apply for graduation!
Q: What commencement ceremony will I participate in?
A: Students who are posting their degree in December will participate in the Fall Commencement. Students who are posting their degree in May will participate in the Spring Commencement. Students who are posting their degree in August will participate in the Summer Commencement.
Q: I've already walked in a ceremony, but I didn't post my degree. Do I need to reapply if I'm not walking in another ceremony?
A: Yes, the application is for posting your degree.
Q: My application has been denied. What do I do?
A: Your application was denied because there were too many outstanding requirements that were unaccounted for. Please send an email to your Degree and Records Analyst who completed your evaluation and explain how every outstanding requirement will be completed by your intended posting date. Our office will then re-evaluate your file for graduation.
Q: If I finish my degree mid-semester, when will my degree post?
A: CBU has three posting dates during a graduation cycle and degrees are only posted on those dates. As long as you have applied for graduation, your degree will post on the next posting date following the completion of your coursework.
Q: When will my graduation fee be billed to my Student Account?
A: Your account will be billed the graduation fee after your graduation application has been approved.
Q: I do not plan on walking in a ceremony. Will the graduation fee still be billed to my Student Account?
A: Yes. The fee is the same for every student regardless of whether or not he/she decides to walk in a ceremony.
Q: I am filling out my graduation application and it asks for my outstanding coursework. What should I put there?
A: Please list any courses that you are not currently enrolled in at CBU that you need to take to finish up your degree requirements. This includes any courses to be transferred from another institution.
Q: Do I have to put my full legal name on my diploma?
No. You can choose to include your middle name or maiden name.
Q: When will my diploma be available?
A: Diplomas will be mailed to the address provided on the graduation application approximately 6-8 weeks after the posting date as long as you are cleared by both the Student Accounts and Financial Aid Offices.
Q: Am I able to order a second diploma?
A: You may order a second copy of your diploma by completing the Diploma Re-Order form and paying the $50 diploma re-order fee. Processing takes approximately twelve weeks. Please contact the Office of the University Registrar for additional information and/or the Diploma Re-Order form.
Q: I'm taking courses at another institution. When do my official transcripts need to be received by CBU?
A: Transcripts need to received in the Enrollment Services Office by approximately the 3rd Friday after the posting date. Please contact the Office of the University Registrar for the exact deadline for your posting date.