Transfer Restrictions

A maximum of 100 semester units may be accepted in transfer toward fulfilling degree requirements.Within these 100 units, no more than 30 upper division units may be transferred; no more than 70 units may be transferred from a community college. A maximum of 30 semester units is allowable from examinations (AP, CLEP,DANTES, IB).

The Office of the University Registrar will evaluate previous college work to determine its relationship to the requirements of California Baptist University. Only coursework completed with a grade of C– or better will be accepted in transfer. Lower division units and units from institutions that do not offer a baccalaureate degree will not be accepted for upper division credit. California Baptist University does not accept transfer work that was not designated as baccalaureate degree-applicable by the issuing institution.
All coursework completed at other institutions will be computed into the California Baptist University cumulative grade point average regardless of course transferability.      (University Catalog)