A maximum of 30 semester units is allowable from examinations (AP, CLEP, DSST, and IB). Credit will not be granted for equivalent course work previously taken. It is the student's responsibility to seek clarification of their degree requirements before taking an examination. 
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There are currently no IB equivalents for ENG113, ENG123 or English electives (ENG1XX/3XX).

California Community Colleges

General Education and Pre-Nursing courses approved for Transfer for the Undergraduate Program only. 


Courses may not double count in the general education, but may be applied to a major, minor or concentration. Major, minor or concentration course requirements may also be used to satisfy General Education requirements.
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Transfer Course Information and Form

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  • All courses listed on a CBU Transfer Agreement are approved for transfer by the University Registrar and do not require a Transfer Course Approval Form
  • Transfer Course Approval Forms are provided for current CBU undergraduate students seeking to take transfer work at another institution in a future semester and wanting assurance of transferability. Prospective CBU students need to contact Enrollment Services for additional transfer information.
  • Once course(s) is complete, please request an official transcript be sent to the Enrollment Services Office here at CBU.
  • See Transfer Policy for more information on CBU transfer restrictions/requirements
  • Use this link to submit a request: https://portal.laserfiche.com/m0921/forms/XFRCourseApproval

Athlete Concurrent Enrollment

Athletes who plan to enroll concurrently at California Baptist University and another insitution, should submit an Athlete Concurrent Enrollment Notification form.  The completed form should be submitted after completing the the transfer course approval process if applicable.
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Transfer Restrictions

A maximum of 100 semester units may be accepted in transfer toward fulfilling bachelor degree requirements. Within these 100 units, no more than thirty (30) upper division units may be transferred and no more than ninety (90) lower division units may be transferred. A maximum of thirty (30) semester units is allowable from examinations (AP, CLEP, DANTES, IB). A maximum of eighteen (18) units may be accepted in transfer at the lower division level for college transcript completion of a Basic Peace Officer Standards Training (POST) certificate. A maximum of 45 semester units may be accepted in transfer toward fulfilling associate degree requirements.

The University will evaluate previous college work to determine its relationship to the requirements of California Baptist University. Only coursework completed with a grade of C- or better will be accepted in transfer. Lower division units and units from institutions that do not offer a baccalaureate degree will not be accepted for upper division credit. California Baptist University does not accept transfer work that was not designated as baccalaureate degree-applicable by the issuing institution.

All coursework completed at other institutions will be computed into the California Baptist University cumulative grade point average regardless of course transferability.

Transferring to CBU with an Associate's Degree?
Then make sure that you are also IGETC or CSU GE certified. All students who transfer to CBU with an IGETC or CSU GE certified Associate's Degree AND have a completed Associate's Degree before begining coursework at CBU are waived from their general education requirements except for ENG113, ENG123 and Christian Studies. Both of these certifications can be completed at a California Community College.
When ordering your official transcripts after completing your Associate's Degree, remember to ask that your IGETC or CSU GE certification be attached when sending to CBU!
IGETC - Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum
CSU GE - California State University General Education Breadth Requirements
Prospective CBU Students:
Please contact your admissions counselor or the Enrollment Services Office directly at
951-343-4212 or admissions@calbaptist.edu